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This Block Strike cheat is incredibly easy to use and 100% free of charge! Block Strike is a fast-paced first-person shooter that will have you on your toes from the get-go. With two teams, Red and Blue, fighting for victory in each match by either eliminating or protecting their opponents while completing objectives such as planting/defusing bombs along with killing them if necessary, there isn’t much room to relax! When these tasks are accomplished successfully before time runs out at map debuts then players move onto next round beginning again until one side has been eliminated - making every shot counts and every blade of grass you step on or around can potentially be your last!

You can play Block Strike in one of three ways: -Team Deathmatch - A typical team death-match between red and blue. However, if the time runs out before either side has been defeated then whichever has done more damage to the other team will be declared the victor.

-Capture the Flag - Steal the enemy’s flag while protecting your own in this classic Game Mode! If you successfully bring back their flag, it will be counted as a point; but if not, you have to get yours back or else they’ll have two points instead of just one from where you dropped your flag. -Bomb Planting/Defusing - In this version of Block Strike, players can plant bombs onto specific map areas which detonates after a short period of time and allow anyone caught in its radius of explosion to have a taste of what it’s like being on the receiving end of pain before death even comes knocking on their door! Be wary though, because once someone plants a bomb somewhere, their location will be revealed to everyone after a short while and if they’re killed while holding the bomb, it will automatically explode and probably take out some of its killers with it. However, on the other side– anyone can defuse planted bombs by standing close enough to them which allows you to either save yourself from certain death or sabotage your opponents’ plans by removing traps that were carefully laid down before hand.

After every match is finished, players are given XP for doing certain things such as killing opponents or completing objectives. The amount of XP you get scales depending on how many times you’ve done these specific tasks in past games, but completing them still give you something even if not much in return though. also have levels that goes up over time and after every level up; you unlock a new loadout which gives you access to different weapons and/or grenades that can be equipped in order to make your character more unique and customizable.

There is also an option where players can create their own server with any set of rules they wish such as playing on free for all or team based games only, the map rotation list they want to play on, how many lives each player gets etc. The downside though is that not many people know about this feature since it’s actually pretty hidden (there isn’t any official guide out there anywhere that tells you how to do it either); so I won’t go into detail on what exactly is needed in order to achieve creating your very own server in Block Strike. Just keep in mind that creating one might be just as hard if not harder than beating the game on certain difficulties– so good luck with that!

While Block Strike isn’t perfect by any means, it’s still a nice FPS to have especially since you can play solo or team up with other real players around the world against other opponents who are carrying guns just like you! There are currently eight maps available for players to choose from although additional stages will come at a later date and whether they make it into the final release of this game is currently unknown (there’s no word on an official release date either). On top of that; there aren’t many servers out there right now – but I expect this number to increase exponentially once people actually know about this feature of Block Strike.

Taking everything into account, I do think that it’s an enjoyable experience worth getting if you’re looking for something to handle your inner stress by blowing people up with bullets and keep yourself entertained during the waiting time between game releases. It doesn’t have any appealing graphics nor can it handle itself on higher settings without lagging almost all the way through; but the gameplay makes up for all of these shortcomings which will hopefully be improved in future updates (additional features such as LAN play are also planned to be added later on down the road).

On an ending note– I hope that everyone gets a chance to at least try out Block Strike even if they aren’t much into FPS games because this is one diamond in the rough; and I’m looking forward towards seeing what else people can do with this game.